Time is making fools of us again~

All UCF Greek like suspended? What the ACTUAL fuck.

I reallllllly do not understand how this is going to help anything. Putting a halt on all Greek activities will really not solve any problems. Hazing and alcohol consumption are problems, yes. But I don’t think they have been weighed properly with the pros that Greeks around campus provide. There are PLENTY of underage people (living, or not living, on campus) who drink underage. The ENTIRE Greek community should not be penalized because a few chapters made poor mistakes that got out of hand.

I just don’t understand how UCF didn’t take into consideration all the GOOD Greeks do, not only for UCF’s campus, but for many organizations. Greek chapters come together to raise money for tons of different organizations, excluding their chapters individual philanthropies. Knight-thon, Trick-or-treat on Greek Street, NHPW, Pack to Attack Hunger, Bake-offs, Pan gives back, ETC. Events like these are DRY and have a SUPER POSITIVE impact on all effected by these events.

Being Greek isn’t just about wearing letters, it’s about being a part of a organization on campus. Each and every fraternity on this campus stands for something they believe in. Granted, there are flaws in the system, which is why we have a council in the first place. However bring ALL Greek activities to a halt is a bit drastic, and honestly ridiculous. 

Looks like we won’t be able to raise money to help others for our philanthropies without them being ran though council 100 times. 

Michaels, Joannes, and CB&S I am so sorry for the cut in sales you are about to receive.